Interstitial: A Journal of Modern Culture and Events is a peer-reviewed, open access, post-disciplinary, and avowedly political journal dedicated to exploring the myriad expressions, impacts, and genealogies of modernity (to see our editorial board, click the three dots at the top left or scroll down if you’re using a mobile device). We draw no distinction between the merits of pop culture and high culture or minor happenings and seismic evental shifts. We aim to pluralize fields of inquiry pertaining to questions of the contemporary, privileging no single perspective or site of analysis over any other. Our central question is: How is the event of, or are the events comprising, modernity unfolding for multiple forms of being, and what new forms of knowledge are being produced?

A primary goal of our journal is the democratization of the academic sphere. Emphasizing the “public” in public university, we seek to actively problematize outmoded intellectual hierarchies and rigid boundaries for scholarship. Our constant focus is on the quality, rather than the academic status, of the work we present. Situating ourselves within a post-pedagogical framework, we invite submissions on any topic related to modern culture or eventhood, broadly understood. We are especially interested in works that traverse multiple theoretical trajectories, including media archaeology, literary criticism, speculative philosophy, critical theory, cultural studies, posthumanism, new historicism, and political aesthetics, among others.

Articles, reviews, flash theoryinterviews, and multimedia submissions are published on a rolling basis (upon completion of the peer review and editing processes), so that contributors don’t face unnecessary publication delays. Additionally, we accept book proposals and full manuscripts for INTERpress, a peer-reviewed academic press that maximizes modern publishing technology to make high-quality theory available at affordable prices. For further information, please contact the editors at