In the age of acceleration, events demand a new form of theory. A theoretical punch, rather than a twevle-round–or 1,200 page–knockout. Like its literary counterpart flash fiction, flash theory is defined by brevity. No more than 250 words in length, these blurbs bask their subjects in a quick burst of energy, a fleeting spark of illumination, a momentarily blinding exposure–in short, in a flash. Submissions are peer-reviewed, published on a rolling basis, and may cover any topic related to modern culture, politics, or events, broadly understood. Essays may employ any writing style(s) and theoretical line(s) of flight, including accelerationism, critical theory, cultural studies, literary criticism, media archaeology, new historicism, political aesthetics, posthumanism, or speculative philosophy, among others. Email submissions to

“The Silicon Valley Ideology”

By Andrew Woods, Oregon Institute for Creative Research: E4


By Thomas Mical, University of South Australia

“Hegel’s The Master”

By Scott Sundvall, University of Florida

“Animal Autobiography”

By Kendall Gerdes, University of Texas at Austin