Have something to say about modern culture? Well, here’s your chance! At ‘InterMix’, we’ll be regularly posting short videos, virtual presentations, and lectures, in addition to great finds from across the web. Submissions are open to anyone, though all videos will be screened for comportment with the journal’s academic standards. Specifications: Videos should not exceed 15-minutes, will be shared both on the journal’s website and YouTube, and are subject to editing for length requirements. No queries are necessary. To submit, visit the following link: https://filestork.net/jicscxd2.

Soundspace – Notting Hill Carnival (By Anthony Ellis)

In this video, Liverpool School of Art and Design’s Anthony Ellis uses Henri Lefebvre’s rhythmanalytical method to explore the sense of place, and intersection of sound and space, of Notting Hill Carnival. (Share link: http://vimeo.com/80455767).

Object Criticism (By Kris Coffield)

Is an object-oriented literary criticism possible? After exploring several possibilities proposed by object-oriented thinkers, Interstitial Journal co-editor Kris Coffield calls for an ‘object criticism’ that investigates the point of relation between texts and other objects, both human and nonhuman, to glean an understanding of what happens when ontologically inexhaustible objects translate one another into their own terms. (Share link: http://vimeo.com/51381008).