Mainstream discourse marginalizes critical thinking about current events, subsuming alternate modes of reasoning within grand sociopolitical narratives. Once formulated, these narratives are normalized through media saturation, moral coding, and groupthink that manages difference by silencing voices that challenge dominant ideologies. This process of intellectual homogenization, in turn, artificially limits our ability to conceptualize and articulate myriad understandings of modernity, along with its genealogies and trajectories.

To counter such perverse metanarratives and pervasive anti-intellectualism, Interstitial Journal is proud to present INTERpress, an independent publishing house for monographs that rethink the relationship of event-meaning to knowledge production and theory to practice from a post-disciplinary perspective. Accordingly, we invite proposals related to the question, “How is the event of, or are the events comprising, modernity unfolding for multiple forms of being, and what new forms of knowledge are being produced?” Potential fields for exploration might include media archaeology, literary criticism, speculative philosophy, critical theory, cultural studies, posthumanism, new historicism, postcolonialism, or political aesthetics, among others.

Like the journal itself, INTERpress aims to democratize the public university. All proposals will be peer-reviewed for quality of content, but without consideration for a prospective author’s academic status. Once accepted for publication, a proposal will be shepherded through the publication process by our editors, with the goal of opening space for an author’s words to be heard, rather than forcing a work to fit within a narrow theoretical framework. Moreover, we strive to be as transparent as possible and welcome inquiries about our proposal process.

We perform all of the responsibilities a publisher typically assumes, such as marketing and selling books, and paying royalties. Using new media to minimize overhead costs, however, we are able to focus on international distribution through major delivery networks, like and Barnes and Noble. At the moment, we only commission works that are predominantly composed in the English language, using U.S./International spelling as a guide. Works may be published in an open access format upon an author’s request.

To submit a proposal, please send a project overview of no more than 2,000 words, including chapter outline and contact information, to



Forthcoming: December, 2018

Modern theory is known for being inaccessible and insular, directed toward like-minded audiences. Scholars, according to this view, are self-alienating subjects incapable of escaping disciplinary boundaries and indifferent to the general public. Even when theory and practice parallel one another, they rarely intersect, much less interact.

This collection of academic interviews penetrates Ivory Tower walls by engaging thirteen of today’s most prominent thinkers in conversation about the application of their ideas to current events. Including an essay by the author on the importance of dialogue to post-disciplinary scholarship, this book introduces readers to fields as diverse as security studies, urban theory, feminist materialism, international relations, posthumanism, critical animal studies, law and literature, sociology of medicine, media archaeology, speculative realism, and twenty-first century philosophy.

Discussants include Jack Zipes, Julian Reid, Catherine Waldby, Elizabeth Grosz, Warren Magnusson, Francois Debrix, D.E. Wittkower, Timothy Luke, Lewis Call, Melanie Williams, Lee Braver, Rosi Braidotti, and Carey Wolfe.